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Edmond de Meijer

Edmond de Meijer (1958) graduated in 1984 in Psychology and in 1987 in Dutch Law from the University Amsterdam.

He has been a lawyer since 1987. Prior to starting his own law firm in 2001, he worked for Stibbe and Ekelmans Den Hollander (now known as Hogan Lovells). In 2002 he was a co-founder of the office that now bears the name bdm advocaten.

As a business lawyer Edmond has had particular interest in property. In addition to his general business law practice, he advises (and litigates if required) the configuration of property transactions and joint ventures, as well as matters of construction law and landlord and tenant law. His interest is not limited to the legal side of real estate. In 1998 he completed the post-doctoral (multi-disciplinary) course in Property Expertise at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate through the University of Amsterdam.

Edmond has been managing a building in The Hague for a number of private investors since 2001. In 2016 this building was transformed from a multi-tenant business building to a complex of 150 student flats. In addition to this, he is the managing partner in a limited partnership that manages an office building and a retail property with upstairs apartments in Amsterdam.

Edmond is a member of the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (Vereniging voor Huurrechtadvocaten) and the Construction Lawyers Association (Vereniging voor Bouwrecht-advocaten).

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