A problem with debt collection can arise in a variety of ways. Your debtor is not as punctual with the credit agreements that have been made and either pays you too late or not at all for the goods or services you have provided. Suddenly, you are a creditor and you are running the risk that you will find yourself in payment difficulties. The continuity of your company is in danger as a result of the failure of others to pay.
At bdm advocaten your claim will be dealt with rapidly and decisively and in doing so, the basic principle is that your debtor pays all the costs.
A (debt collection) lawyer can do more than debt collection agencies or bailiffs. This means that we can ask permission from the court to impose prejudgment garnishment against your debtor and/or apply for your debtor’s bankruptcy. You can come to bdm advocaten for a ‘simple’ collection matter but also for more complex proceedings and procedures such as business trading disputes (B2B), cross border debt collection work and cases in which the relationship with the debtor, despite the payment risks, must be maintained.
Our lawyers are members of the Association of Debt Collection Lawyers and Litigators (Vereniging van incasso- en procesadvocaten – VIA) and the Dutch Association for Procedural Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht).

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