BeeLease Amsterdam NoordBDM advocaten leases a bee hive from BeeLease in Amsterdam, near to the office location of BDM advocaten. Bees are invaluable insects. Not only do they provide us with delicious honey, they also fertilize flowers. This is important for the procreation of all sorts of plants and trees but also required for fruit production. Sadly bee populations have been rapidly decreasing due to pests. This is why support of bee cultures is important.

BeeLease is not only keeping bees. It also plants beautiful flowers on its own grounds but also throughout the city, resulting in marvelous flower strips. Beelease trains imkers and develops innovative methods in fighting parasites in bee hives. Parasites are the main reason for the fast decrease in bee populations throughout the world.

BeeLease Amsterdam NoordAt BDM advocaten we understand the importance of ecological balance and we make our contribution in leasing a bee hive in this wonderful project.

Sensors measure the temperature in the BDM advocaten bee hive: